Playing without Tension Using the A Major Scale

When we were kids we learned to hold objects with a significant amount of grip strengthin order to not drop them. This is important for everyday life, but as aviolinist using this amount of grip does not allow you to make a good sound onthe violin. Our brains are trained to always hold things with this same grip,so we must retrain our brain to use less tension. 

Begin by holding your violin up, making sure you have a straight wrist and that yourthumb is in between the two finger tapes. Focus all of your energy intorelaxing all of the muscles in your left hand. Take a deep breath in and exhale.As you exhale, focus on relaxing every muscle in your hand. Repeat 3 or moretimes until you feel the tension in your muscles relax. Next, check to makesure all of your muscles truly are relaxed. Lift your left thumb off of theinstrument and turn it in a circular motion. You can tell if there is tensionin your hand because it will be very difficult for your hand to turn.