Intermediate Violin



Boy Paganini 

Boy Paganini - Play Through 

Use your violin to bring to life Boy Paganini. Read more

Boy Paganini, Part 1

How to use vibrato appropriately on the violin to provide control in a slow, expressive style in your music. Read more. 

Boy Paganini, Part 2

Focus your energy on a strong driving rhythm in the second part of the piece. Read more. 

Boy Paganini, Part 3

Here, combine Parts 1 and 2 for the violin. Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Gavotte in G Minor 

Gavotte in G Minor by J.s. bach - play through

The gavotte is actually a French dance, and Gavotte in G Minor provides a fun, yet challenging violin music piece for a more experienced beginner to early-intermediate player. Read More. 

Gavotte in G Minor Part 1

Challenge yourself with the different sound of a minor key for violin by first reviewing and practicing the G Minor scale. Read more. 

Gavotte in G Minor Part 2

Your next challenge will be using a low first finger violin pattern that creates whole steps between many notes (and requires your violin fingers to stretch farther apart than usual). Read more. 

Gavotte in G Minor Part 3

Here, be mindful of “accidentals,” notes of a pitch that are not typically part of the scale, such as with sharps, flats, and naturals.Work on violin bowing, and more! Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Minuet in G Major

Minuet in G Major- Play through

Learn to play the beautiful Minet in G Major by J.S. Bach  Read more.

Minuet in G Major, Part 1

Learn the first two measures that repeat often. Then work on your violin bowing for ideal sound mastery. Note the violin dynamics. Read more. 

Minuet in G Major, Part 2

Learn about violin “shadow bowing,” used by beginners and professionals alike. Discover tips to improve muscle memory to play violin.  Read more. 

Also, See Free Sheet Music PDF


Sonatina II 


How to Play Sonatina II by Beethoven

 Sonatina II by Beethoven 

Learn the expressive, beautiful and smooth notes of the Sonatina by Beethoven. Read More. 

 Also, Free Sheet Music PDF


What “shifting” is, how to shift

Discover how to seamlessly “shift,” or move your hand smoothly such that notes and the overall piece flow into one sound, one violin song. It’s harder than it appears, but practice makes routine and beautiful music. Read more. 

How to play Wohlfahrt Op. 45 No. 10

This exercise appears to be simple, but its key signature provides a great challenge to play the violin in tune. Discover key notes in the video. Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF


G Major Scale

Major scale, two octaves

Listen and read violin tips carefully to review a simple scale and learn about an octave and the type of notes and how far away to end. Read more. 

Major scale, two octaves-staccato slur two

Find tips to play a two-octave violin scale and the violin finger to use for a smooth music transition. Read more.

G Major scale, rhythm long, short, short 

Keep a watch on your third finger and the violin tape when playing a low second finger. Read more. 

G Major scale, two octaves, rhythm and slurs

Instead of separate staccato on the violin, you’ll use one legato and two staccato notes. Read more.

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