Violin Videos 

Beginner Violin Videos provide helpful, important techniques and tips for using products to increase violin playing and effectiveness, and methods for playing popular tunes. Simply select the videos, watch, and also link into available written information and PDFs.

Getting Started 

How To Hold The Violin

Preparing to play violin using a shoulder rest and properly holding the violin. Read more.


How To Hold The Bow 

Caring for your violin bow; proper violin finger hold and positioning. Read more.


attach a shoulder rest

Don’t skip the critical step of proper violin shoulder rest placement! Let our experiences guide you to either of two recommended items. Read more. 

How To Tune The violin

 Violin tuning tips to know, including advice about violin pegs. How to use a chromatic timer. Read More. 

Violin finger tapes

What violin finger tapes are, how to properly install violin finger tapes, and troubleshooting. Read More. 

parts of the violin

How a violin is shaped, and how it works. Violin parts named. Read More. 

Also, Free Diagram PDF


Twinkle Twinkle

Little Star 

Twinkle, Twinkle little Star Part 1

How to play what is often a first violin song. Print out the notes and follow along. Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Part 2

Complete your first full violin song!  Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Vivaldi Spring 

How To Play Vivaldi Spring 

Pay close attention to your violin bowing, dynamics, and a trill (and what they are) when playing this familiar tune. Read More.

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Listen to Vivaldi spring

Hear Vivaldi’s Spring concerto from The Four Seasons. Pay attention to bowing, dynamics, and trill.

America The Beautiful

Easy violin version of one of the most popular patriotic songs. Read More.




Christmas Carols 

Ode To Joy


How to play ode to joy

Discover if Beethoven could hear this famous carol from his Ninth Symphony based upon a poem and hymn. Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Joy To The World 

Joy To The World Part 1

Let’s begin with violin bowing for this simple, yet complex piece and a common rhythm. Read More. 

Joy To The World Part 2

Important to correctly learn the notes to play Joy to the World on violin. Read More. 

Joy To The World Part 3

Once you have mastered violin bowing and notes, play this famous piece with rhythms and notes in synch, exuberantly. Read More. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF


Jingle Bells

How to play Jingle Bells, Part 1

How to play Jingle Bells, Part 2

How to play Jingle Bells, Part 3



Learn to how to play this fun holiday favorite for the violin, originally written as a Thanksgiving song. Learn the main melody. Read More. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF




Devils Dream

Devil’s Dream, Part 1

Improve violin playing speed, ability, first impression using one finger on one violin string for two notes. Read more.

Devil’s Dream, Part 2 

Second half of violin tune. Work smarter, not harder, to play the violin. Play all violin notes consistently, slowly. Read more. 

Devil’s Dream, Part 3

Final section to play entire violin piece faster, from beginning to end and with the rhythm of long/short, long/short, and then short/long, short/long. Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF 

Violin Technique

How to Pluck The Violin

Learn how to correctly pluck a violin for the desired sound. Read More.


Training your brain to use the proper grip/tension, wrist, thumb, breathing, and muscle relaxation. Read more. 

Left Hand Pizzicato

Discover how to properly pluck the strings using your left hand. Read more. 


Low 1st finger

Learn proper finger positioning for the low 1st finger. Read more.

How to play a low 2nd finger

 Violin fingering, values and how to play a low 2nd finger on the violin with violin specifics to know. Read more. 

playing a High 3rd finger 

Learn proper finger positioning for the high 3rd finger. Read more. 

Double Stops For Fiddlers

Playing two notes on different violin strings simultaneously and where to focus. Read more. 

Learn the common intonation problems violinist have and how to fix them. Read More.




How to know when to play violin up-bow v. down-bow, plus one exception to the general rule. Read more. 


What a “slur” is in violin music, what it looks like, and how to play a slur. Read more. 


Ribbit!? Playing smoothly from the frog to the bow tip on the violin, regardless of your arm length. Read more. 


Defining violin staccato bowing (opposite of legato), and when it’s used. Discover how to picture violin bowing when making a smiley face. Read more. 


How To Play Two or More Down bows

Learn how to play double down bows. Read more. 





How to combine staccato and slur. Read more


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How to Play Loudly and Softly on the Violin?

Learn how to use dynamics in music to play both softly and loudly on the violin.

How To Play Two Or More Up Bows

Learn how to play two or more up bows in the same bow stroke. Read more.


What is a Crescendo and a Decrescendo? 

Learn how to make dynamics or the sounds of music even more interesting by playing dramatic phrases we like to call crescendos and decrescendos. Read more.



D Major Scale

How to play the d major scale

D Major Scale with Rhythm


Learning the easy violin D Major scale in one octave – only two sharps! Learn rhythm, bowing, and slurs.  Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF



D Major Scale STACCATO And Slur BOWING

A Major Scale

How To Play The A Major Scale 

A Major Scale Legato Bowing

Playing WithOut Tension-A Major Scale

A Major Scale With Rhythm

A Major Scale Slurred Bowing and Rhythm Combination

Simple violin A Major scale, with fingering. Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF


C Major Scale

How To Play The C Major Scale on the Violin

C Major Scale Slur 8 

C Major Scale with Rhythm

C Major Scale Slur 4 with Rhythm

C Major Scale Slurring 4 Notes 

Read more. 

Also, Free Sheet Music PDF

Strength Training for Violinist 

Violin bow push-ups

Strength and coordination exercises for violin with violin bow push-ups. Read more. 

Using dumbbells to strengthen violin playing hands

Building violin finger and wrist strength with simple daily dumbbell exercises. Read more. 


Spider Bow

It's especially important for beginners to build both strength and agility for violin endurance and enjoyment. See easy spider bow exercise for coordination. Read more. 

Hand Therapy Balls

Build in strength in your hand by training with these balls. Read more. 

Double stops for fiddle players

Playing two notes on different violin strings simultaneously and where to focus. Read more. 

Music Theory

what is a Major scale

Scales are the building blocks of all music. See, then read about scales and whole, half-steps for playing violin music. Read more. 

Sharps, flats, natural notes

Only seven main notes – you can play this violin tune! Let String Expert help you to understand notes, plus flat, natural, and sharp notes. Read more. 


Hearing protection for musicians

Benefits of custom earplugs and what to consider when purchasing. Read more. 


Difference between a violin and a fiddle

Discover what distinguishes a violin and a fiddle; which is right for you. Read more. 

Replacing the violin strings

Learn how to replace your violin strings for proper sound. Read more.