How to Play A Low 2nd Finger? 

When a violinist first begins the goal is to give the student a solid foundation for how to play everything well but after that it’s all about learning different finger patterns. Now we are going to learn to take our second finger and pull it back and place it next to the first finger rather than putting it on the finger tape. The second finger should be touching the first finger.

The notes of a high second finger on the tape are from G to E: B, F#, C#, G#. If we lower the 2nd finger and pull it back to the first finger, the notes are from G to E: Bb, F, C, and G.

The violin notes are based off of following the notes on the piano. Because of this they are not always laid out as logically or methodically as we would like. Sometimes, as we can see by the 2nd finger notes, they are not laid out in a nice, organized fashion.

In some songs, we may have both a low second finger and a high second finger depending on what the key signature or finger pattern is.