Legato Bowing -Using The A Major Scale

What is Legato?

Legato is a term referring to the player using a long, smooth bow. Think about making long, smooth bow strokes. The best way to do this is by using the whole bow. Starting at the frog and moving all the way to the tip of the bow.

Bows are one size fits all so for students with shorter arms the bow will become crooked and not smooth at the tip of the bow. To fix this, extend as far as the student can without the bow going crooked then go back.

Our focus with the A major scale is going to be on making the best long, smooth, connected sounding notes we can. Though this is a scale, we should always concentrate on making it a beautiful sound. 

Legato is a type of bowing that is long and smooth. In order to play with Legato bowing, we need to use the whole bow starting from the frog and going all the way to the tip of the bow. In order to play smoothly, we need to concentrate on playing with a relaxed bow arm and wrist. 

All bows are the same size, but each of us have different arm lengths. The ideal bow stroke has the musician ending at the place in the bow where our arm is extended out fully with the bow straight and perpendicular to the strings. If you pull the bow too far for your arm length, then you will wind up with a crooked bow stroke. 

Practice the A Major scale in a mirror to make sure you have long smooth bow strokes and that your bow stays perpendicular the entire time you are playing it.

A Major Scale .jpg
A Major Finger Chart.jpg