This is a difficult exercise for a lot of different reasons. It appears to be simple, but the key signature makes it very difficult to play in tune. The notes you should pay attention to are the high third finger on the D and G strings and low 3rd on the A and the E strings. 

Practice with a tuner to make sure that everything is perfectly in tune. 

Practice this piece using the following rhythms to learn to play it faster in a shorter period of time:

-Long Long Short Short

-Short Short Long Long

A good idea to help your brain understand each note and how they work together as a unit is to practice each measure by playing the notes backwards. 

Add the bowing marks to the piece. 

Be sure to add expression to this piece of music. I like to think about this piece as a long wave of smooth sound. If you don’t add any expression, the sound of this piece will not be very good at all. 

As with any exercise, try to play it as well as you would a piece of music because how you practice this is also how you will play your solos.