How To Play Ode To Joy

Ode To Joy is a famous Christmas carol from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. This melody is featured in the last movement that has a choir singing along with the orchestra. The piece is based on a poem written by Friedrich Schiller and the hymn "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" by Henry van Dyke. 

Remarkably, Beethoven was deaf by the time he wrote this piece so he could not hear it being performed. Beethoven did not conduct this piece, but wanting to be involved with the process, he stood on stage with his back to the audience when the piece ended.  When the crowd erupted in applause, he couldn’t hear them clapping, so one of the soloists turned Beethoven around to see the standing ovation. 

To play this piece well, focus on having long, smooth bow strokes with lots of energy as you express yourself playing. Be aware of the low second finger as you play a C Natural note.