How to Hold the Bow

The violin bow is a stick made of either wood or carbon fiber and horse hair that attaches to the stick. When we play, the horsehair rubs on the violin strings and creates a sound. Horse hair is very susceptible to temperature and environmental changes. Be careful not to touch the horsehair with your hand because this will make it greasy preventing a good quality sound. 

Take the screw of the violin bow and begin to tighten the bow until the middle of the bow width is about 1/4 of an inch or about the width of a pencil away from the hair. Do not tighten the bow completely. Over-tightening of the bow will keep it from bouncing correctly.

A good-quality rosin will go a long way to making a good sound with your instrument. To rosin the bow, rub from the top to the base of the horsehair until it is completely coated. 

Once your violin bow is set up then make your bow hand into a rock star shape, with your thumb curved into a C shape. 

After you make your rock star bow hold shape, grab the violin bow, keeping the same shape. The pinky and pointer finger rests on top. The two middle fingers cover the frog and rest on top.