Hearing Protection For Musicians

One of the most important things to do as a musician is to preserve and protect your hearing. It is very hard to be a musician if you are losing your hearing or have to wear hearing aids. Being proactive in your everyday life is one of the best ways to protect your hearing. 

You can use traditional ear plugs to preserve your hearing, but you will end up with a muffled sound that isn't great for playing a musical instrument. A better option is to get a set of custom musician ear plugs. 

To get a set of musician ear plugs you go to your audiologist and get a custom mold of your ear done. That mold is sent off to make the custom plug. You can buy different levels of noise filters to go inside the ear plug to make sure you can still hear what’s going on around you, but it doesn’t sound muffled like it would with regular earplugs. It can be expensive to make these, but if you consider the cost of buying disposable ear plugs and tossing them in the trash can after each use, then it’s worth it to purchase the custom ear plugs. 

I wear my musician ear plugs for many everyday situations where my hearing can be damaged such as going to a friend’s house where their TV is too loud or movie theaters and concerts, as well as small things like getting on and off airplanes. If it is an extremely loud situation you may consider doubling up on both musician ear plugs and additional ear plugs.

Younger students often complain that their instruments are too loud next to their ear; this is because they have not damaged their hearing yet. It may be important to have them wear hearing protection while playing. 

In addition, be careful to make sure the volume is turned down on a device before putting on headphones. This ensures no hearing damage will occur from the volume being turned up. Also, while it may be fun to drive around with loud music on a car stereo, it’s causing permanent hearing damage, and I would recommend avoiding it. 

String Expert is not sponsored or endorsed in any way by the hearing protection company Westone, but if you would like a great set of musician ear plugs, we recommend you shop with them. Here is a link to the earplugs I use from them.