Gavotte in GMinor Play Through 

Gavotte in G Minor Part 1

Gavotte in G Minor Part 2

Gavotte in G Minor Part 3

Gavotte in G Minor is a fun and challenging piece for the advancing beginner to early intermediate player.

The first difficulty with this piece is that it is in the key of G Minor. The sound for a minor key signature is very different than that of a major. A great way to prepare for this piece would be to review and practice the G minor scale before attempting the Gavotte.

The second difficulty is in the finger pattern. You have a low first finger which creates whole steps in between many of the notes. This means your fingers are stretched significantly farther apart than you might be used to.

Be on the lookout for accidentals. There are a lot of accidentals throughout this Gavotte, so go through carefully and make sure your fingers are always in the right spot. In some sections, both an open string and a 4th finger will be in play. This is important because it changes the tonal colors and the sound of the piece.

The counting in this piece can get a bit tricky as well. In measures 3 and 4 the note changes to off the beat instead of on the beat. For some beginners, playing off the beat can be difficult. They often times try to change the note so it is on the beat instead, be aware of this as you play that section.

Lastly, make sure to spend time working on the bowing as it plays an important role in the overall expression. For the beginning notes of the piece, you want to use the lower half of the bow. As you play through, try to use the lower or upper half of the bow for the eight notes and a whole bow for all of the quarter notes.

With this piece, most of its expression comes from the bowing that you play. Make each note important. It may be a good idea to experiment by adding some additional dynamics within the ranges already marked, to create more depth and expression.