Devil's Dream 

Devils Dream Part 1

Devils Dream Part 2

Devils Dream Part 3

Devils Dream is a popular old time fiddle song from at least 1823. It is typically played in a reel format and has been recorded by artists throughout the years. 

One Finger Two Notes

When we play music, we often put one finger down on both strings at the same time. This improves our speed in terms of being able to play a song fast and also improves our ability to play a song well.  

It is much faster and more effective if you can place your finger on one string for both notes instead of picking up your finger and setting it down multiple times. 

To do this, place your finger on both strings at the same time. If you have large hands, this will come easily for you, but if you are like me and have smaller hands this will not be easy. What I do is try to put my finger right in the middle of the two strings. If you have really tiny hands, you can also simply roll your finger a little bit over each string while still keeping it down on the string, making sure that both notes stay in tune. If you sound squeaky, it's probably because you don't have your finger on the string enough.