D Major Scale

One Octave

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How to Play The D Major Scale

The D Major scale is one of the easiest scales to learn to play in one octave. It has two sharps F# and C#. Try it out to see how it sounds. The fastest way to improve playing is through Scales.

D Major Scale Staccato and Slur Two 

 In order to combine the two, we do a short staccato bow stroke stop in the middle of the bow then continue with another short staccato bow stroke to complete the sound. 

D Major Scale with Rhythm

Playing this kind of rhythm is more an exercise of bow control than it is about rhythm. If you use your bow correctly, then you will be able to play the rhythm.

D Major Scale with Staccato Bowing

Staccato bowing is the exact opposite of Legato bowing. A legato bow stroke is long and smooth and connected. A staccato bow stroke is short and disconnected.