About Us 

Instruction comes from online lessons; additional inspiration is provided through the stringexpert.com website, with its video links, free sheet music, and other online education. Current instruments include violin, fiddle, cello, guitar, bass, piano (yes, it has strings!), even banjo, and mandolin, plus music theory and music composition. 

Clear music focus to fit into your busy lifestyle

Diving deeper, a passion to play an instrument comes from learning and applying quality education standards. With today’s hectic pace of life, learning to play an instrument with passion and a clear focus is best met within a student’s and family’s own location.

String Expert provides clear music instruction, inspiration, and focus—using today’s technology that also inspires lifelong learning in many areas.



The focus of String Expert is to always be an inspiration to the people who matter most—the students. In particular, it’s about helping each student to grow individually and musically using online education to inspire a lifelong passion and appreciation for playing an instrument.

Technology for your individualized music needs

String Expert made its splash in 2015 using technology in the form of online education and learning from the convenience of one’s own home, although our owner has been teaching students privately for more than 15 years. Approved instructors also offer much experience and expertise.

A music teacher to match your style

With the online String Expert, we match the student with a music expert experienced in the teaching of string instruments and dedicated to the student’s particular aptitude for learning. A great value of our program is in the individualized, personalized, and convenient music education process.


About String Expert’s Owner

Edited elleGphotography-urban-portraits2017-86.jpg

After playing professionally and teaching all over the world for more than 15 years, Katie Glumac decided she wanted to return to her native Colorado, yet keep her current students. Katie dove in with String Expert and made its splash by leveraging technology. It accomplishes a dual mission—for students and teachers alike to use online technology to work with musical instruments from the convenience of their homes.

Katie Glumac believes that you are never too young, too old, or too far away to live your musical dreams. Whether you live in a tiny town in the middle of Colorado, reside in a major city, or you're traveling the world, music and music theory should be as fun, convenient, and portable as you are. Music is the universal language. With String Expert, you can now speak that language from about anywhere—We’ll help you reach your destination. 

Give me an instrument, and I play for a day.
Teach me to play an instrument well, and I enjoy beautiful music for a lifetime

About Various String Expert Educators

String Expert instructors are personally vetted for their backgrounds, music teaching ability, and aptitude for teaching and inspiring. Katie personally interviews each instructor and student, and then provides the optimal match to provide the greatest value for a student. Whether for a teen or adult, String Expert instructors are all about teaching and inspiring students—meeting you where you are and to help you improve musically.

Renown, experienced music teachers

Teachers have a minimum of 10 years' teaching experience, with a minimum of 15 years of professional playing experience, and are industry-leading teachers. Additionally, many teachers have at least one (and often more) of the following qualifications:

Julliard, Eastman, or BErklee educated

Professors at colleges and universities around the country

Member, National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

Active music professionals

Performed or worked for well-known celebrities, including: 

Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Ford, and President Trump


Importantly, many have helped students to receive full-ride scholarships at top universities for music, become rock stars, and perform as top-ranked musicians in major symphonies around the world. Teachers are well-versed in music technology and the latest learning techniques to help give students a leg up (or string up!) on the competition. 

String Experts' custom learning plan, individualized for every student, allows both student and parents to gauge the progress of each student and also measure if the teacher is a good fit for the student. 

About the String Expert Website

Photos as unique as each student

Yes, the photos really were taken underwater to show how expressive you can be with inspired, expert music instruction. Our aim is to improve your music abilities such that you can truly enjoy and appreciate the freedom that accompanies a greater ability to play music. This website is as unique each student—String Expert will help you to dive in and enjoy your musical instrument.

Story of the underwater violin

And what about the violin? Wondering what happened to this precious musical instrument that was fully submerged in water? …Good question! The violin came to us in great disrepair. Not only were we able to photograph it underwater, but afterward String Expert had the violin fully restored and then able to make beautiful music. It’s somewhat like taking a squeaky, screechy noise and transforming it into a beautiful, recognizable tune—String Expert works with where you are now and then transforms your approach into a process yielding great musical value and enjoyment.

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